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Dear faculty and delegates,

Every person with diabetes has a unique set of risk factors which the care team has to systematically measure, manage and monitor in order to prevent premature death and disabilities for preserving the quality of life.

The most challenging aspect in managing diabetes is to help patients manage their disease for the rest of their life and to personalize treatment choices at different stages of the disease.

The DPP Forum is an annual meeting which aims to foster collaborations amongst relevant stakeholders to develop care models which can bring out the best of our expertise and technologies in order to make chronic care accessible, sustainable and affordable.

To this end, we have invited a faculty of experts and thought leaders with a diversity of experiences who will share with us their views and insights into this health care challenge.

We hope you will enjoy this meeting and that you will continue to be part of this growing network in pursuit of prevention and control of diabetes and chronic disease.

Best regards,

Prof. Juliana Chan, Chairman
Prof. Alice Kong, Co-chairman
Prof. Andrea Luk, Co-chairman


At the end of the forum, participants should be able to:

– Recognize the importance of using multidisciplinary care to empower and engage patients during their life journey of living with diabetes;

– Acquire latest knowledge in the fields of quality improvement and use of latest technologies to improve clinical outcomes;

– Understand the opportunities and challenges in using community and societal approaches to raise awareness and prevent diabetes and non-communicable disease.

Program Committee

Program Committee

Dr. Alvin Chan, Prof. Juliana Chan, Dr. Elaine Chow, Dr. Harriet Chung, Dr. Chung Ping Ho, 
Prof. Alice Kong, Dr. Mary Kwong, Prof. Andrea Luk, Prof. Ronald Ma, Dr. Risa Ozaki,
Dr. Rose Ting, Prof. Martin Wong, Ms. Chau Wan Yeung
(from top left to bottom right)

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