Diabetes Preventing the Preventable (DPP) Forum 2023
7 May 2023 (Sunday) | Cordis, Hong Kong



08:45   Registration
09:10   Welcome remarks
            Andrea On Yan Luk

Symposium 1


Co-chairs: Kit Man Loo & Chiu Chi Tsang

09:15   Diabetic eye disease and preventable blindness
            Simon Ka Ho Szeto
09:45   Diabetic foot disease and preventable lower extremity amputation
            Peter Ka Lun Chan
10:15   Vitamins and type 2 diabetes
           Connie Lai Ling Hui
10:45   Break

Symposium 2


(supported by Sanofi Hong Kong Ltd.)

Co-chairs: Edith Chow & Rose Ting

11:00   Importance of early insulisation
           Annette Wai Kwan Tso
11:30   Treatment simplicity in diabetes management
           Alice Pik Shan Kong

Symposium 3


(supported by Servier Hong Kong Ltd.)

Co-chairs: Harriet Chung & Risa Ozaki

12:00   Quality of life and treatment in diabetes
            Juliana Chung Ngor Chan
12:30   Lunch

Symposium 4


(supported by Novo Nordisk Hong Kong Ltd.)

Co-chairs: Victor Hung & Mary Kwong

13:15   Time in Range and PPG control beyond HbA1c
           Elaine Yee Kwan Chow

Symposium 5


Co-chairs: Ka Kui Lee & Tellus Ng

14:15   Anti-obesity drugs in the pipelines
           Jason Chiu Ming Ng
14:35   Cost effectiveness of controlling obesity for prevention of NCD
            Juliana Nga Man Lui
14:55   Break

Symposium 6 


Co-chairs: Alvin Chan & Juliana Chan

15:10   Continuation of care and RAMP in primary care setting
           Maria Kwan Wa Leung
15:30   How can the JADE portal can facilitate our practice?
            Elaine Yun Ning Cheung
15:50   Implementation of Chronic Disease Co-Care Program on Diabetes
            Fei Chau Pang & Yu Cho Woo
16:10   Panel discussion
16:35   Closing remarks

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